Reality star posts rant over selection of DPD chief search panelist

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A star on the FOX reality show ‘American Grit’ is upset over the appointment of an activist in the citizen panel involved in the interviews of the Dallas police chief candidates

John Burk lives and works in Dallas. He posted an expletive-filled rant on Facebook voicing his anger over the Dallas city manager's decision to include Dominique Alexander in the citizen panel.

The panelists’ jobs are done. Their interviews took place Tuesday, and the candidates had what should be their final interviews with city leaders on Wednesday. But one Dallas man is still outraged at who gets to help in that process.

Burk posted a tirade to Facebook on Wednesday ranting about Dallas activist Dominique Alexander being invited to be part of the panel to help choose the next Dallas police chief.

“This is real life. This is happening now, and it's a slap in the face to every police officer that walks that street,” the Army veteran said. “We're pandering to a criminal element now."

Burk calls Alexander a convicted felon — which, he is. He is a highly public community activist who also has a criminal record for felony child abuse.

“Could Alexander serve on a jury? No. Can he purchase a firearm? No,” Burk said. “So why does he have any say so? Granted, it's not that big of a say so. There's a lot of people in this. But it's still a slap in the face to the Dallas officers."

Alexander founded the Next Generation Action Network, which helped coordinate the protest on July 7, 2016 on the night of the Dallas police ambush and the one last week on July 6, the day before the one-year anniversary. He's now the leader of the Black Lives Matter movement in Dallas.

FOX 4 spoke to Alexander on Wednesday. He agreed to watch Burk's video and make himself available for comment. He later declined an interview, saying he had a prior commitment.

“I want to start off by commending the City of Dallas leadership and city manager for bringing very diverse people together,” Alexander said Tuesday night after the citizen panel interviews.

“You condemn the police. You condemn the very same people who stood up for you, who protect your family. How dare you,” Burk said.

Last week, FOX 4 reported the Dallas Police Association also expressed anger over Alexander being on the panel.

The city did not respond to our calls for comment, but City Manager TC Broadnax released a statement last week saying the panelists "have no decision-making authority over final...selection."