Rapper returns Cowboys WR 'Lucky' Whitehead's missing dog

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A missing dog belonging to Dallas Cowboys player Rodney "Lucky" Whitehead is now back at home and okay.

Overnight the Fort Worth rapper who goes by the name Boogotti Kasino released a video saying he did not steal the dog named Blitz. He said he bought him from a woman and just wanted his money back.

“Just give me my money and you’ll get your dog back bro,” he said.

There's another video of the same man with the dog asking for $20,000 followed by a video of him returning the dog.

Whitehead posted a video of Blitz on his Snapchat account early Tuesday with the note: "Look who made it home safely!!! THANKS EVERYONE."

The wide receiver explained in an earlier Instagram post that he’s had the 16-week-old American Bully pup for less than two months.

He said a friend was taking care of the dog at his house in Addison last Sunday. The friend left for a while and returned to find that someone had broken in.

The friend found Blitz’s cage open and he was nowhere to be found. Eight pairs of Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Giuseppes shoes were also missing.

Whitehead said he was on his way home when he got the first of several calls from a blocked number. The person on the phone said the dog was being held for ransom.

“Soon as I answered it, they said, 'How much for the dog? How much is the dog worth for you?'” he recalled.

Whitehead said additional calls came at odd hours over the next 48 hours. The caller taunted him, telling him to ask Jerry Jones for the money.

The player said he’s convinced this happened to him because he is a Dallas Cowboy and whoever stole Blitz wanted to mess with his head.

“It's sickening. I know the dog is confused,” he said. “It's killing me just because I wasn't there to protect him. It's just hard.”

Addison police said they are investigating but said there is no surveillance video.