Prosecution rests in murder trial of ex-Mavs ManiAAC

The state rested its case Wednesday against a man accused of murdering four women and shooting four children during a 2013 crime spree.

Jurors in the capital murder trial of former Mavericks ManiAAC Erbie Bowser watched jail intake video from the night police arrested him, when officers had to tase him several times while in custody.

The video shows Bowser wearing boxer shorts and blood on the floor from a cut knee. At one point he tears a piece of material off his shorts to make a tourniquet. Other times he sits over the drain to relieve himself. DeSoto police officers eventually tried to coax him out of the room.

The lead detective on the case testified Bowser swings his arms to block officers and that's when there's a brief struggle and Bowser is tased -- hitting the floor after several shocks.

In cross examination, the defense attorney questioned the detective about statements by her and a jailer showing concern for Bowser's mental state and well-being.

Other testimony came from an explosives expert from the ATF who testified Bowser detonated a military type hand grenade at the DeSoto house.

The court also heard from a detective about text message conversation Bowser had with his estranged wife and girlfriend leading up to the murders.

The defense will begin presenting its case on Friday morning. Bowser’s attorney says he shouldn't get the death penalty and claims Bowser was insane at the time of the crimes.