Possible tornado damage reported in Van Zandt County

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Emergency managers in Van Zandt County reported minor damage from a possible tornado that is believed to have touched down in the area Thursday afternoon.

SKY4 was near Edgewood where there were several snapped trees and minor damage to a few homes.

Severe storms hit the area around 4 p.m. The National Weather Service is sending a group of meteorologists to survey the damage and determine if a tornado hit the area. No injuries were reported.

FOX 4 viewers sent in videos of the possible tornado. Chuck Tull shared video with FOX 4 that his son shot. The video shows a cloud in the shape of a funnel.

"I looked outside and noticed the trees were spinning around," Tull recalled. "And then I heard that traditional freight train sound that everyone talks about and ran for the closet. And just as I opened the door to the closet, I looked outside and I saw my front trees passing in front of the house. It was ripping the limbs and stumps up out of the ground."

About 10 miles away in the town of Fruitvale, strong winds jostled around power lines, making a dangerous situation alongside a road as smoke and flames were coming from a transformer. The fire department quickly sprayed it down.

The winds from the storm did plenty of damage. However, it wasn't as widespread as the string of tornadoes two weekends ago. Portions of Van Zandt County were also hit hard during the April 29 tornado outbreak that killed four people and left 50 people injured.