Police investigate connection in home burglaries across North Texas

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Police are looking for a group of home burglars connected to multiple break-ins in Southlake, Keller and Lewisville.

They're hoping someone recognizes the people that police say stole safes and other personal items from at least four homes.

Police say thanks to home surveillance cameras, they were able to get pretty clear images of the suspects and hope to warn other residents to be on the lookout for these people and anything unusual in their neighborhoods.                

“I was crying. It's scary, I was crying,” said a woman who did not want her face shown out of fear. “I didn't expect it to happen to us in this neighborhood.”

Days after her home was broken into, she says she's still shaken up.

“Took all the clothes out from the drawer and night stand,” she said. “And they flipped the bed over in my kid’s room.”

She says the burglars got into her house within an hour after she left on July 15. They took documents, jewelry, purses and even her wedding ring.

Southlake police say her home isn't the only one that was hit. They're investigating break-ins on Saint Tropez and another home on Fairway View Terrace the very next day.

Video evidence helped police connect those burglaries to two others that happened around the same time in Keller and Lewisville.

“As you know it's very common these days for people to have either ring-type door bells or surveillance systems,” said Southlake Police Chief James Brandon. “So it's pretty frequent in burglaries and crimes like this we're able to get some good video evidence from it.”

Surveillance video from the Keller burglary captured a white van and a man knocking on the front door, possibly to see if anyone was home.

The same man is seen knocking on the door at a home in one of the Southlake burglaries. He's wearing the exact same shirt.

Lewisville police provided a photo of a woman acting suspicious, walking back and forth in front of a targeted home. A white van matching the description of the one used in the other burglaries was also seen in the area at the time.

“We know they're forcing entry into unoccupied houses. It's typical of burglaries,” Brandon said. “Most burglaries occur in the daytime. Most of the time, they don't want you to be home.”

In total, two safes and other valuables were taken from four homes.

Southlake police are looking for three men and a woman in a white Honda Odyssey. They're asking anyone who recognizes them to give them a call.