Plano man on trial for "suicide pact" murder

A Plano man goes on trial Tuesday for the murder of his girlfriend in what he says was a “suicide pact.”

Police found Jennifer Streit-Spears stabbed to death in her Plano apartment last May. Her boyfriend, Kenneth Amyx, told police they agreed to stab each other until they both died.

According to court documents, Amyx told detectives she "chickened out," becoming too weak after he cut her neck and they'd taken turns cutting each other. He said he had to "finish her off."

He also had stab wounds but police said they were self-inflicted.

Streit-Spears' friends don't believe the story. They said she ever would have agreed to a "suicide pact" and they don't think she knew Amyx was a fugitive wanted for child sex crimes out of Dallas and Rockwall.

Amyx allegedly also posted a photo of himself covered in blood and a picture of his girlfriend’s body on her Facebook page. It had the caption, "Please pray for us."

If convicted, he faces up to life in prison.

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