Phone records become focus of botched butt injections trial

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The prosecution is expected to wrap up its case Friday against a woman accused of murdering a patient during a botched cosmetic procedure.

The prosecution went through some of the most detailed evidence in the trial on Thursday including phone records and evidence confiscated by investigators in the case against Denise "Wee-Wee" Ross.

Day three of testimony was mostly technical in nature. Investigators and analysts focused on cell phone records.

There was also large-scale evidence on display that’s been offered by the state. Prosecutors presented to the jury several industrial-sized buckets with markings on them. The state says they were buckets that were filled with silicone and confiscated from the home that was Ross’ mother's residence.

Ross is on trial accused of murder, practicing medicine without a license and causing the death of 34-year-old Wykesha Reid.

Prosecutors say Reid went to a Deep Ellum location in February 2015 where Ross and an associate were known to give illegal injections to women to enhance their backsides.

More hours on Thursday focused on cell phone records. Prosecutors and a phone analyst showed detailed phone records of the day Reid died. They provided dozens of calls, text messages and the movement of a phone number they've identified as belonging to Ross.

The defense will begin Friday with cross-examination of the cell phone analyst.

The state indicated it has at least one more witness and expects to wrap its case by Friday afternoon.