Paralyzed Fort Worth officer walking with help of new technology

A Fort Worth police officer shot and partially paralyzed in the line of duty has always said she would walk again. Now Officer Lisa Ramsey is using medical technology and accomplishing that goal, one step at a time.

Ramsey has been in a wheelchair for almost 14 years. She was shot during a drug bust and suffered a spinal injury.

Now she's learning to walk again with the ReWalk exoskeleton. It's state of the art technology that gives Ramsey a new level of independence.

“Emotionally, psychologically it does a lot for me,” Ramsey said.

There's a sharp learning curve with the exoskeleton. Once she masters the robotics, she can use it at home or at work. But she'll still need someone with her to prevent a fall.

Ramsey measures the rewards one step at a time.

“Kind of makes me feel normal like just another able bodied person,” Ramsey said.

The robotics technology will improve and Ramsey says she will be ready.

"I've already been shot had the use of my legs taken away, what's the worst that could happen? I'm up to try anything, if you can dream it up I'll try it,” Ramsey said.