On Your Side - Booster Fuels

Consumer reporter Steve Noviello is On Your Side with the service that goes to work while you do:  gasoline delivery that's cheaper than you can pump it yourself.

Car by car.  Order by order.  Steve Molden is a purple problem solver.

Alicia Masters isn't the only one on board.  She's among the growing fleet of consumers who have eliminated going to the gas station.

"We're solving a problem people didn't even know they have," said John Parker with Booster Fuels.  

The app-based service, which delivers gas to your car while you're parked at work, is available right now only in San Francisco and North Texas.

Booster taps the same suppliers as a gas station, buys wholesale, and retails regular and premium fuel right to your tank, saving you time and - believe it or not - money.

"I check the gas price right on the corner here every morning when i come in," said customer Alicia Masters, "and it's either lower or right at the same."

On the day we rode along booster was delivering gas at $2.12 a gallon, 7 cents cheaper than the gas station

"We're delivering thousands of deliveries a day in the DFW market," Parker said.

Just open the app, ping your car's location, and that's it.

"There's zero chance of credit card skimming," Parker said.  "Zero chance of someone stealing your purse out of the front seat of your car."

Booster can be competitive thanks to density.  Companies they partner with generally have hundreds of cars parked on site.

Here at Fossil, employees say it's a no brainer.

"It's not a specific day of the week you have to time getting to empty," customer Zachery Brown said, "it's anytime you need gas."

"I really don't like pumping gas to being with and after I have done the math, it has saved me 3 hours of my time," customer Alicia Masters said, "I think i've saved 70 pounds of CO2."

Back at the truck, Booster offers premium services too.

Driver Steve Molden said:  "We also do windshield cleaning, wiper replacement., fuel injection cleaning and tire shine."

Yes, there are some gas station staples  you won't get here, according to Booster Fuels' John Parker.

"Right now, we don't deliver Slurpees.  We don't deliver cigarettes."

Just cost-saving convenience road tested in Texas,