NTTA toll rates to increase July 1

The North Texas Tollway Authority announced Thursday that it will increase toll rates for TollTag users from 17.06 cents to 18.01 cents per mile, effective July 1. That adds up to about $40 more per year for people who travel about 20 miles round trip to work. The change is part of a toll rate schedule that calls for increases every other year.

ZipCash customers, who are not TollTag members, pay 50 percent more than the TollTag member rate. TollTag users account for 80 percent of toll road drivers. In 2011, the average TollTag user spent $795 on tolls per year, now the average TollTag user spends $936.52 per year. 

"NTTA's goal is to have every driver in a cost-saving TollTag," NTTA chairman Kenneth Barr said. "It is the least expensive and most convenient way for drivers to safely travel throughout Texas, Oklahoma and now, Kansas."

Drivers are divided on the toll increase.

"Don't know why we're spending money if we still have to wait in traffic like everyone else in the tolls." driver Adron Wilson said. "I don't get it." 

"They take such good care of us in terms of roadside assistance, just all the amenities we get from the toll service I think anything we can do as citizens to help is a great thing," said Charles Yourshaw, another driver.

NTTA says the scheduled increases help it meet its financial obligations. The organization does not receive tax funding. NTTA says it plans on spending more than $900 million through 2022 for improvement of its roads.