No verdict yet after four days of John Wiley Price trial deliberations

A fourth day of jury deliberations in the John Wiley Price public corruption trial has ended with no verdict, yet.

Commissioner Price and co-defendant Daphney Fain walked into the federal building together on Monday morning. Photographers got a quick smile from price after calling out "Happy Birthday" – Price turned 67 on Monday.

Friday the government filed a motion trying to show why federal Judge Barbara Lynn should not dismiss five of the counts against Price post-verdict as she has said she is thinking about doing.

“So the judge was presented with a motion that Nealy mailed payments through the mail that benefited Commissioner Price and their argument is that that's sufficient for mail fraud. It’s a really interesting legal question -- arguing her doing something she was obligated to do contractually can be part of a conspiracy this way. That’s what the judge has to decide,” said courtroom observer and attorney Chrysta Castaneda.

Judge Lynn had said she was almost certain she was going to throw out those five counts, whether Price is guilty or innocent on the conspiracy to commit bribery charge.

Deliberations will resume on Tuesday morning.