Murdered Arlington mom told friend to save screenshots from ex-boyfriend

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The man arrested for the murder of a pregnant Arlington woman was a Dallas County Sheriff's Office employee.

Keith Haynes posted a Facebook rant denying any wrongdoing on the same day his former girlfriend, 25-year-old Kenishia Walker and her unborn child, were found shot to death by her eight-year-old son in their Arlington apartment. Police say Walker was pregnant with Haynes's child.

The arrest warrant affidavit says a friend of Walker gave police screenshots of text messages from Walker's phone saying Haynes was trying to kill her. One text from March 30 said "If I ever come up dead please show the police this and the other screenshots."

Richard Carpenter lives right next door to Haynes and says he was surprised to see police activity Wednesday evening with Haynes in handcuffs.

"When we first moved in here he was going to have a party, so he came to over here and knocked on the door and said would you mind we're gonna have a party, it's going to be a little noisy. And I thought, God what a great person,” Carpenter said. “Pleasant individual."

Haynes worked for the Dallas County Sheriff's department as a courtesy patrol officer who assisted stranded drivers.

"When something like this happens it's a negative reflection not only our agency, but on law enforcement as a whole.  So, that's one of the things that we work toward trying to prevent,” said Chief Marian Brown, Dallas County Sheriff's Office.

Brown said Haynes was hired in June 2013 as a detention officer working in the jail. After a month on the job, he resigned citing family problems and then came back to work in Sept. 2015. He made the move to courtesy patrol after a few months and was on the job as recently as Wednesday, shortly before his arrest.

"Let's be clear that he was not a sworn employee. That means he was not a law enforcement employee. That means that he was a civilian,” Brown said.

The sheriff’s department has started an official internal investigation based on the capital murder charges.