Murder charges soon in Lancaster teen murder case

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The Lancaster police chief said Friday the department’s investigation is nearing its end and charges could soon be filed in the murders of Shavon Randle and Mike Titus.

Randle, 13, was kidnapped from her Lancaster home as ransom for stolen drugs. She was found dead five days later along with Mike Titus, who at one time was a person of interest in her abduction.

“In this instance we want to be with accuracy not speed,” said Lancaster Police Chief Samuel Urbanski. “The majority of the investigation is complete, its the filling that we're looking at again. We want to make sure that we're accurate in our filing.”

Six people are currently in custody, with some charged in Randle's kidnapping. It’s not known if or how cooperative any of those six people have been with the investigation.

The case has hit home with members of the Lancaster police, with some officers going through grief counseling.

“I took it personally. My daughter turns 13 next week,” Urbanski said. “I attended the funeral of Shavon, I felt like I knew Shavon. Everything her family said, I personally took it to heart and I will never forget.”

Summer heat couldn't keep Linda Marshall and Marvin Staten from coming to Oak Cliff - staring at the house where Randle and Titus were found dead.

“I think when you bring someone a child into your stuff like this, you deserve to get the max,” Staten said.

The house itself is now a notepad for messages -- those who knew Randle and Titus and strangers drawn by what they cannot comprehend.

“Oh it’s so sad, it’s so sad, oh it makes you almost want to cry she had to go through so much,” Marshall said.