More documents not shared by prosecutors in Price trial

The government has failed to share more key documents with defense attorneys for Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price.

The revelation came late Monday as the government gets closer to resting its case against Price -- accused of accepting $1 million in bribes.

Several witnesses were called back to the stand on Monday to be re-cross-examined by defense attorneys without prosecutors being able to redirect.  On the stand were IRS and FBI agents who examined hundreds of accounts.

Testimony focused on loan agreements, Price's cars and rental properties and whether he and political consultant Kathy Nealy properly reported taxable income.

At times the exchanges were strained and uncomfortable, with the judge even admonishing prosecutors at one point for potentially misleading the jury about pictures taken of one of Price's cars.

Trial attorney Chrysta Castaneda has been observing the case.

“What they are trying to show is that the government didn't take into account all of the transactions that went back and forth. There were a number of items where the defense pretty successfully pointed out that they didn't include everything that they should have,” Castaneda said.

Castenada says moving forward we can likely anticipate Price attorneys to call experts to testify about various transactions -- trying to show they were not quid pro quo payments or unreported taxable income.