Midlothian PD: Source of reported explosion was Tannerite

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Midlothian police say rowdy party goers with Tannerite - a legal, explosive substance used as rifle targets - were the likely source of a reported explosion that shook the entire town Friday night.

Reports of an explosion in the Midlothian area appeared on social media around 9:30 p.m. Several residents reported hearing a loud boom that even shook their houses.

Calls about an explosion overwhelmed Midlothian's 911 system, and calls were pushed to Waxahachie.

Midlothian police later determined Tannerite was set off at an engagement party near McAlpin Road and was likely the source of the reported explosion.

People at the party told FOX 4 that police and firefighters responded because of 911 calls but that there were no injuries and no one was cited at the scene.

A guest at the party shared video with FOX 4 of the moment the Tannerite was set off.

Midlothian police say since the location was outside of the city limits and out of their jurisdiction, they are working with the Ellis County Sheriff's Office to see what charges could be filed.