Mechanical problems at DART's Mockingbird Station lead to delays

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Problems with the overhead power system are causing delays for Dallas Area Rapid Transit riders passing through Mockingbird Station.

DART blamed the Monday morning problems on a broken part north of the Mockingbird Station. One of the spring-loaded prongs keeping tension on the high voltage line that powers the train went down.

Crews are still trying figure out the best way to fix it and there’s no estimate on how long it will take.

In the meantime, both north and southbound trains are sharing the other track. Riders have been warned to expect a slower-than-normal commute.

Passengers on the Orange Line are being asked to transfer to the Green Line at Victory to go downtown or the Red Line to continue north.

Shuttle buses are being used to transport Blue Line passengers between the White Rock and Mockingbird stations. Then they’re being asked to transfer to the Red Line.

The Red and Green line trains are running, but passengers should still expect delays. Red Line passengers at Mockingbird and Cityplace need to board on the southbound platform.

Candice Emery said the Mockingbird Station was chaotic during rush hour. She was about two and a half hours late for work.

“First they’re telling us to board shuttle buses here or at Victory Lane. And then they sent everybody back upstairs but people were coming back down stairs. They’re not telling us anything,” she said.

Joe Nixion said there was very little communication and no shuttles in sight.

“Why can’t DART handle any kind of interruption in their service at all?” he said in frustration.

DART said it now has additional people helping to direct passengers until the problem can be fixed.

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