Mayor pro tem hopes Dallas reconsiders hosting NRA convention

Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway says more must be done to address the proliferation of illegal guns and wants the city to reconsider hosting an upcoming NRA convention.

Monday’s night’s Dollar General murder happened in Caraway's district. The mayor pro tem says the combination of the store clerk’s murder and the South Texas church massacre make it clear that it's time politicians begin finding solutions to stop the slaughter.

Caraway suggested putting pressure on the National Rifle Association, which is scheduled to hold a convention in Dallas in 2018.

“I am calling on the city of Dallas to reconsider us even hosting the NRA in the city of Dallas,” he said. “A signal must be sent that we must begin to seriously address guns."

Caraway says he's a gun owner and a supporter of second amendment rights. He also suggested the city add mobile gunshot detection systems that would enable police to pinpoint shots minutes after they are fired.