Man arrested for fatally shooting brother in The Colony

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A man is in custody after police say he shot and killed his brother in The Colony.

According to a longtime neighbor, 34-year-old Chandler Davis and his brother, 38-year-old John Davis, seemed to get along great. But police say something drove John to shoot and kill his brother.

The shooting happened Sunday afternoon in the 5200 block of Ragan Road. Officers found Chandler with a gunshot wound to his chest. He later died at a Plano hospital.

The officers took John into custody and later charged him with murder.

Chandler was a retired U.S. Army drill sergeant. FOX 4 interviewed him a few days after the Downtown Dallas police ambush. He stood at attention near the memorial for four hours. He said it was his way of honoring the fallen officers.

“It hurts. It does,” said Ken McCan, one of Chandler’s friends and brother in arms. “To go through all the stuff we went through just serving, it takes a strong person to do it. And just to hear about that.”

High school friend Parham Abbasi was supposed to have lunch with Davis a few weeks ago but had to cancel due to work. It's a decision he says he will always regret.

“I just hope that if there’s an afterlife I can offer to take him to lunch to make up for what we didn’t get to do here,” he said.

Now in the wake of his death, Chandler’s friends want to honor him.

“I wish I could say one last thing to him,” McCan said. “I would just say we got the load man. It's tough. We got the load from here.”

A police spokesman says they are waiting on a detective to sign off on the arrest warrant affidavit before it can be released.