Main Street Fort Worth Arts Festival attendees not deterred by weather

A threat of severe weather did not keep festivalgoers away from the Main Street Fort Worth Arts Festival Friday evening. 

The four-day festival drew the largest Friday crowd some had seen in three years. 

Festival veterans said they remained aware of Texas weather in the spring which can turn within moments. 

"The wind was pretty bad last year a lot of tents right through this area collapsed and toppled over," said Dionne Watts, a vendor. 

The festival uses storm spotters and the National Weather Service to keep an eye on the weather. 

"It's April and it's Texas and there's always crazy weather so just be prepared and stay alert," said festival spokesperson Claire Armstrong.

For anything unexpected, the festival organizers will notify visitors and vendors. Main Street businesses are ready to take people in and give them immediate shelter.

"They have our phone numbers on hand so they contact us immediately if any bad weather is to occurs," said Watts.