Lawmakers to begin tackling bathroom bill again on Tuesday

Senate Bill 6, better known as the bathroom bill in Texas, was the hot button issue of the regular legislative session.

Now, it's being revived for a special session, starting Tuesday.  

The bill would require transgender Texans to use the public restroom that corresponds with the gender on their birth certificate.

Legislators maintain the bill does not discriminate against transgenders, but instead is accommodating of all people, ensuring privacy and protection for all.

Dallas parents Frank and Rachel Gonzales, whose 7-year-old daughter, Libby, is transgender, say that's ludicrous.

"It's blatant discrimination. Absolutely, absolutely. It's 100% discrimination," said Frank Gonzales, father of a transgender child.

The Gonzales' have lobbied against the bathroom bill and are now amping up their opposition as it's being revived, saying Libby has never had a problem using the girl's restroom at her Dallas ISD school.

They believe the bathroom bill would cause her serious harm.

"It would draw attention to her, and it wouldn't be positive attention," said Frank Gonzales.

"Once you start "othering" a child, that opens up bullying, all kinds of discrimination and issues that eventually lead to more serious issues in adulthood, depression and that's when you run into suicide rates," said Libby's mother, Rachel Gonzales.

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick has led the push for the bathroom bill.

When the special session was announced, he told Fox 4 he would do whatever it takes to ensure privacy for women in bathrooms.