Judge stops Sam's Club project near Uptown Dallas

After years of legal wrangling, protests and petitions, a judge has stopped a Sam’s Club from being built on a prime piece of property near Uptown and downtown Dallas.

The Dallas Plan Commission was briefed on the case on Thursday that has a neighborhood association taking a victory lap after winning over big-time developer Trammell Crow.

Jonas Park and the East Village Neighborhood Association say they were originally told the 17-acre parcel of land right off Central Expressway north of Cityplace would be built into a pedestrian friendly restaurant and retail development mirroring the popular West Village.

They were on board with that, but then he says two days before the zoning change vote in November 2014, they learned the developer Trammell Crow was building a Sam’s Club.

The association filed suit and last month a judge put the brakes on the Sam's Club, saying the city didn't notify property owners in adequate time.

Parks and other nearby residents say it's a victory for the little guy opposed to the masssive concrete parking lot and generic big box.               

“Living in an urban environment, you know that change is inevitable,” Park said. “We understand that, but we want the change to be good change.”

The recent court battle gives people here hope that they'll have more say in who eventually sets up shop.

“Kind of feels good that people can still have power like that. That a group of people say, ‘No, we don't want that in our neighborhood’ and people can just say no,” said resident Max Hedges.

Trammell Crow said it also sees the court ruling as a victory since the judge left in place the planned development district -- meaning it can still build on the site, not just a megastore.

"We are encouraged that the court ruled in our favor to maintain our zoning and we will take this opportunity to work with the city and neighbors to deliver a well-rounded retail community,” Trammell Crow said in a statement.