John Wiley Price says he's not worried about corruption trial

The government expected to rest early next week in John Wiley Price's public corruption trial. But the commissioner says he is not worried.

Price could not talk about what's been testified to against him in the government’s case so far. Judge Barbara Lynn has directed all parties not to discuss the merits of the case.

But Price did talk about continuing to do what he was elected to do while he’s in the trial of his life.

Carrying on as county commissioner on Thursday, Price went to a tire facility, where a fire previously raged for eleven days.

“We're dealing with the permitting process. I wanted to figure out exactly what’s going on at this location,” he said. “That’s what I got elected for. I’ve been doing it, and my bishop tells me that routine takes care of worry,”

There is a lot Price could worry about as he’s seven weeks into the public corruption trial that could take his freedom. But with no court on Thursday, he was able to tend to county business full-time, including a stop at the county rehabilitation center.

While in trial, Price says he hasn’t missed a day at work.

“Miss Fain and I, we get there bout 5:30 and then we work until we leave,” he explained. “Then we come back in the evening.”

Price, Daphney Fain and Kathy Nealy are charged with getting more than a million dollars in cash, cars and land as bribes for his vote and influence at commissioners court. They are charges he's denied and, at the judge's instruction, can't talk about now.

It’s the kind of pressure that would stress most people, but Price says he's okay.

“I’ll be alright,” he said.

Whether his lawyers decide if he'll testify, Price says he's decided not to worry about the outcome.

“Faith and fear can’t dwell,” Price said. “I know people think you know, they know what’s at play. I know what’s at play.”

The trial is in recess as the defense continues to go over just-delivered evidence pertaining to three government witnesses who already testified and will be re-cross examined on Monday.