House where Lancaster teen found murdered to be knocked down

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The Oak Cliff house where a 13-year-old Lancaster girl was found murdered will be knocked down.

Shavon Randle was kidnapped and then killed along with a cousin because of stolen marijuana. Their bodies were found inside an abandoned home in the 2200 block of Keist Blvd. in East Oak Cliff in early July.

In the days and weeks after the gruesome discovery, people came to mourn and left mementos or messages behind.

Randle's aunt, Cynthia King, had previously asked city officials that the house be demolished. That couldn’t happen immediately because it was a crime scene. But now the physical work of the investigation is over.

“My team of prosecutors has completed their investigation and they’ve collected all the evidence they need to collect from the house,” said Faith Johnson, Dallas County District Attorney.

Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway said a demolition date has been set for Oct. 19.

“The memories that are kept inside here need to be removed,” Caraway said.

The owners of the home gave the city permission to take the house down and take the property. No house will stand on the small piece of land, again. But where life was cruelly cut short, a new type of life will begin.

“We're also going to plant a tree in Shavon's honor,” Caraway said, adding that soon after some type of plaque would be added.

Six people remain in custody on a variety of charges in the case, but not one person has been charged with the murders of Randle or Michael Titus.