Hometown Heroes: Dalia and Arturo Vega

18-year-old Dalia and 17-year-old Arturo Vega are sister and brother. They're very close. When Dalia said she wanted to volunteer at the Bachman Lake Branch Library, Arturo put two thumbs up and said "Let's do it."

Despite having Cerebral Palsy, Dalia reaches out to life. She loves math, music, books and the library.  Her brother is crazy about world history. Together they sort and organize books at the Bachman Lake Branch. It's a touching sight seeing Arturo push his sister's wheelchair with one hand while he pushes the book cart with his other hand.

Their branch library has almost 600 kids enrolled in the Mayor's Summer Reading Challenge. Dalia and Arturo made cut out action figures for the summer reading program. They remind you that your library is a great place to stay cool in the Texas heat while you read great books. 

FOX4 is a proud sponsor of the Mayor's Summer Reading Challenge, enrollment is free.

For more information: https://dallaslibrary2.org/childrensCenter/summerReadingProgram/