Hometown Hero: Emma Ann

When Emma Ann Guillen was 8 years old, her grandfather, Mikel Long, died of a heart attack.

She called him Papa and said he'd always spend time coloring with her. She misses him very much so her little friends gave her rubber band bracelets to cheer her up. She got the idea to make those bracelets, sell them and donate the money to the American Heart Association in memory of her Papa.

Now, Emily Ann is 11 and she's an entrepreneur. After school for about an hour and on weekends, she makes rubber bracelets, vinyl button earrings, monograms for cups and plates, fabric tissue holders and more.

She has a 501.C3 and donates 100 percent of the money from the items to charity. Her current beneficiary is Make-A-Wish. Her other beneficiaries include Back The Blue, Suicide & Crisis Center of North Texas, Ronald McDonald House, Wounded Warriors and more.

Every year, her two mainstays are the American Heart Association and Toys For Tots.

If you're interested in helping, log on to www.emmaannsgifts.org.