Hometown Hero: Creatures Against Cancer

Three sisters in Allen have hearts as big as Texas. Juliet is 6, Chloe is 8 and Camille's 10 and they started Creatures Against Cancer.

The girls sew and stuff all kinds of plush animals. They also make blankets and donate them to cancer patients in North Texas hospitals.

The girls do this because in 2014, at the age of 34, their mom, Lisa, was diagnosed with a rare cancer salivary cancer. When her daughters were sick, Lisa would make them a tiny plush toy to make them feel better.  One day as Lisa was in pain and waiting for her treatment, she reached in her purse and found the tiny bear they made for her. It made her cry with gratitude.

The girls decided to make large plush animals to uplift kids and adults fighting cancer. They've made and donated 350 creatures.

If you'd like to donate material, visit log on to www.CreaturesAgainstCancer.org.