Heated debate over fallen officer honors at Dallas County Commissioners Court

What was expected to be a largely ceremonial vote to honor fallen police officers became a heated dispute about whether blue lives, black lives or all lives matter at the Dallas County Commissioners Court on Wednesday.

Commissioner John Wiley Price disagreed with the reason for the resolution, arguing that law enforcement should not be honored unless all are remembered.

"I think it's interesting in this country how you again try to frame the narrative with regards to other people who've lost their life at the hands of law enforcement," Price said. "No life is more important than any other life."

Price also brought up the idea that unjust police violence is what prompted the ambush shootings.

Many disagreed with Price, including Sheriff Lupe Valdez who argued that all officers killed in the line of duty deserved to be honored, not just the ones who were killed last year.

"It's not that they died, because everybody dies. It's how they died," she said. "We need to continue as people in blue to make a difference so that both sides, both of us hurt when somebody dies -- it's not officers go home safely, it's let's all go home safely."

When the meeting was over, the resolution passed 4-to-1, with Price abstaining. Flags across the county will be lowered on Friday to honor all law enforcement who died in the line of duty.