Geese Missing From White Rock Lake

Neighbors believe someone has taken 10 geese from Sunset Bay on White Rock Lake in recent weeks and are asking for the public's help in safeguarding the remaining birds.

Anne Carlson and her friend, Diamond Anderson, are regular visitors to Sunset Bay.  Both say the geese there are used to being around people and don't hurt anyone.  But lately, they see fewer of them. 

"It's a very sad situation that someone thinks they have the ability to break the law and nobody does anything about it," Carlson said, "And it is breaking the law."

According to others who frequent the area, witnesses saw a man in a mid-size maroon SUV come out around mid-day, grab a goose by the neck, break its neck, and toss it into his vehicle. 

A warning sign popped up near the area where the geese are, describing the perpetrator and his maroon SUV which possibly has an embellished bumper or front end damage.  Those in the area regularly believe up to 10 geese may have been taken in recent weeks. 

"[It's] scary something like that could take place, a place we find peaceful," park visitor Gina bender said. "There's bad people out there."

The geese thefts were also reported to Dallas Park and Recreation, who are asking all visitors to be on the lookout and call 911 if they see anyone else harming the animals at the lake.