Friends grieve, remember Sutherland Springs church shooting victims

The First Baptist Church massacre in Sutherland Springs, Texas was horrific on so many levels and the grieving process is only beginning for some.

It’s even hard to put into words, especially when several children are among the victims. Families have been impacted by this tragedy and lives are now forever changed.

The grieving Texas town, however, is receiving an outpouring of support.

“These are some little pictures that my granddaughter did last night for the children because we were trying to explain to her all of the things going on,” says Darlene, a resident of Floresville, Texas.

Darlene, like so many others in the surrounding communities, searching for answers and a memorial to lay drawings crafted by her granddaughter.

“And she just made these to hang for all the little innocent children,” says Darlene, who explains how she knew two of the victims from the massacre on Sunday.

"Hard workers, great people, friendly, loving, caring, it’s just like, I️ cannot believe this has happened," adds Darlene.

Shock from the unthinkable, but support in various forms has begun pouring in.

Jennifer Watkins is allowing her son to bring stuffed animals as a way to help.

"Just to show that we care, support for anybody," says Jennifer. "To have something to hold, to hug, just something to comfort them."

And in a small town now coping with a massive tragedy, a little can help can make all difference on this long road to recovery for even the youngest.

"It’s really, really hard," says Darlene. "I️ mean she [Darlene's granddaughter] watches the news like everyone else and then when she sees little children getting killed, like she’s afraid to go to school now. We try to explain to her bad things are going to happen in the world, but God is always with her. She calls the children that died here her guardian angels."