Friday deadline looms in wrapping up John Wiley Price corruption trial

Friday is an important date for the defense in the conclusion of the John Wiley Price corruption case.

Price was acquitted on seven corruption counts two weeks ago this coming Friday and certain motions asking the judge for judgment in favor of price must be filed two weeks after trial ends. But the defense wants the government to go first.

“Price's attorneys have filed a motion to get more time to move for judgment on the jury's verdict of acquittal,” said courtroom observer Chrysta Castaneda.

Price was acquitted on seven counts of bribery and fraud. Jurors were hung on four tax charges.

Federal rules require the defense to file any motions seeking judgments for their client within two weeks of jury verdict -- that would be this Friday.

“What they are asking for is for the other side to have to announce what they're going to do about the rest of the case,” Castaneda said.

Judge Barbara Lynn gave the government 30 days to advise what it would do with the rest of the case -- whether it would retry Price on the tax charges, return Price's seized property, proceed to trial with Kathy Nealy.

“They want to have the prosecution show their cards before the defense has to show theirs,” Castaneda said. “We can anticipate that the defense may want to say no re-trial, this would be double jeopardy. They can point out the fact that the prosecution did not turn over important documents that was prejudicial during the trial.”