Family with broken AC gets help from DeSoto officer

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A call to 911 in DeSoto when their air conditioner broke led to a police officer coming to the rescue.

Pamela Mendoza and Desoto Police Officer Rodney Mitchell are now enjoying a cool relationship after she desperately called for help.

"I'm elderly, and my mom is elderly. And our air conditioner broke, and we're hot and wanted to know if there is any assistance anybody could give us as far as getting a fan or something,” Mendoza said. “It was feeling like 100 degrees in here. I mean literally sweat and I felt my heart starting to agitate me."

Mendoza's main concern was her 91-year-old mother. When Officer Mitchell arrived, he couldn't believe the heat in the house.

"When I walked in with the equipment I had on, I actually started sweating,” he recalled. “So I knew this is a good thing to help them out, and I was happy to do it."

Officer Mitchell went to his garage, pulled out an AC window unit and installed it inside Mendoza’s home until their AC could be repaired.

"You know what I wanted to tell you?” Mendoza told Mitchell. “God is going to richly bless you for what you did."

"He was a blessing in disguise,” said Mable Bandy, Mendoza’s mom. “The Lord ought to bless you real good. He saved us from catching a fire!"

Now that their AC is fixed, Mitchell picked up a window unit in case someone else needs help next time.

"I've been blessed so that I can be able to help other people,” the officer said. “That’s part of the reason why I got into the job of law enforcement. I like helping people."