EF-0 tornado damages homes, vehicles in Dickinson

People in Dickinson are cleaning up damaged property after an EF-0 tornado blew through the city area on Friday morning.

The tornado that struck the Moores Subdivision at 5 a.m. Friday traveled a half mile at wind speeds of 70-to-80 mph, according to the National Weather Service survey.

“My back door was shaking like it was gonna blow off," said Gwendolyn Bradley, who lives in the subdivision. “Air and rain was coming through the door.”

Bradley described how she storm forced her to wake up just before 5 a,m. Friday.

“We realized that it has already taken off part of the roof, so we ran to the restroom and we stayed in there for a while,” added Bradley.

When the storm was gone, so was part of Bradley’s roof and her carport.

“I was told that my carport was two streets over,” explained Bradley. Her vehicle was damaged as was the neighbor’s truck. The wind bent the truck’s hood up against the windshield.

“We looked outside and that’s when we discovered the damage to the truck,” said Teirra Hall, who tried to bend the hood down without success.

“We don’t know where our shed is,” said Hall. “We lost our shed. It just picked it up, and I don’t know where it is...everything that was in the shed is still there, but the shed is gone.”

Hall’s family is responding to the new damage while still cleaning up the damage left by Hurricane Harvey.

“Can’t get a break,” said Hall.

Police say as many as six homes were damaged in addition to power lines, fences and vehicles.