Dog who flunked out of police academy lands job with governor

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(Photo: Governor of Queensland)

A German shepherd who flunked out of police dog academy was hired for a new job created just for him.

Gavel was meant to become a Queensland Police Service dog in Australia. But the dog liked cuddles and dog kisses more than catching criminals.

The young pup began residing at Queensland Governor Paul de Jersey AC’s house in 2016 while he underwent police training for 12 months.

While living at the governor’s house, his staff shared Gavel’s story on social media and let people online watch the pup recruit grow up.

Gavel’s trainers quickly learned the dog had a much softer side than expected.

“Like many dogs aspiring to join the QPS Dog Squad, Gavel did not display the necessary aptitude for a life on the front line, and will instead spend his working days at Fernberg, where he has become a valued and much-loved part of Government House life,” the governor’s staff said.

But Gavel’s failed career as a police dog didn’t mean he was out of a job. Since the governor’s family loved him so much, they decided to create a new position just for him. He was named the Vice-Regal Dog in charge of welcoming guests and tour visitors. He also participates in special ceremonies.

Gavel even had to sign a contract of employment.

“It’s been a wonderful addition to the Government House the last ten months,” de Jersey told 7 News Brisbane. “And we hope Gavel is with us for a long, long time into the future.”