Dallas Police rehears traffic stop scenarios with citizens to improve interaction

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Dallas Police met with teens Saturday to talk about what to do when you’re stopped by a police officer.

It’s part of a new program called “Together We Learn”, which aims to improve community and police interactions.

Pastor Richie Butler of St. Paul United Methodist Church and teamed up with Dallas Police to create the educational program.

“Part of our goal is that everyone wants to go home safely, and so how do we engage each other to make sure that's a reality,” he said.

16-year-old Matthew Johnson doesn’t have a driver’s license yet, but that time is coming soon.

“These are probably some things I can probably go tell my friends. 'Hey, if you're ever in a traffic stop, keep these things in mind,'” he said. “Keeping your hands on the steering wheel during a traffic stop, making sure if you have passengers in your car that they're all calm.”

The program launched last year, and organizers hope to get more teens and their parents involved.

Starting next school year, a new law requires information on what to do during a traffic stop be part of drivers education programs, police academies and schools in Texas.

The next event is open to the public and will happen November 4th at St. Paul United Methodist Church in Downtown Dallas. The program is set to launch at 8 Dallas ISD schools this school year.