Dallas police looking for carjacking, robbery suspects

Three men spent hours terrorizing parts of Dallas County on Sunday.

Dallas police are looking for the men who carjacked a woman and her boyfriend in Wilmer and then robbed four stores using her car.

Police believe the robbers, covered in hoodies and bandanas, hit four convenience stores in a matter of hours.

Surveillance cameras captured their final stop at Marlow's on Highway 175, south of I-20. One man stood on top of the counter, demanded cash and pointed his gun down at the clerk -- who put her hands up and did as she was told.

Elizabeth Jenkins understands how shaken the clerk must still be. She and her boyfriend were heading home after a Saturday evening out. The two pulled up to pump No. 6 at an Exxon in Wilmer and became the first victims.

“We were talking for maybe a minute and all of a sudden we were surrounded by three guys. They came up from behind our car,” Jenkins said.

She said at first her boyfriend, a military veteran, refused to give up the car until he realized the men were armed.

“They pointed the gun at his head and said if you don't get out, you are going to die today and they started counting, like 3,2,1 and at two he got out,” Jenkins said.

After stealing Jenkins’ car, the three men robbed a 7-Eleven store about 12:20 a.m. Sunday in North Oak Cliff on South Hampton Road. About an hour and a half later and a few blocks south, police say they hit an Exxon. An hour and a half after that, they robbed a Texaco on Great Trinity Forest Parkway. The crime spree ended at Marlow's, where they got away with $110 and a stash of cigarette lighters.

“Everything I do now I feel like I have to be really…just watch out. I never ever thought about having anything to protect myself and now I do,” Jenkins said.

All three suspects are described as Latin males, teens to early 20's. The stolen silver Jetta has a Texas license plate of HKM 7641.