Dallas police looking for ‘burger joint bandits'

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Dallas police are looking for a group of suspects who are wanted for robbing several fast food restaurants overnight on Wednesday.

Police say the group targeted at least four different restaurants in Oak Cliff within an eight-hour period.

Dallas police say the burger joint bandits tried to change up their appearance each time they hit one of the fast food drive-thru restaurants. But there was one thing they apparently overlooked, and they're hoping the public might be able to help.

Police say the suspects used the same car in all the robberies — an older model green SUV believed to be a Ford Explorer. They're hoping someone will identify it because of a couple of unique features.

"The distinguishing marks on it is that it has a gray wheel well and has also a silver running boards on the side as well,” said Dallas PD Major Jimmy Vaughn.

The crime spree in Southwest Dallas began just after 10 p.m. Wednesday at the Jack-in-the-Box restaurant in the 6000 block of West Davis Avenue. The drive-thru window clerk was robbed at gunpoint.

Five hours later, police say the same suspects in the green Explorer robbed the drive-thru clerk at the Burger King in the 700 block of West Illinois Avenue.

About an hour later and just a few miles away, police say the two suspects struck again and robbed a Jack-in-the-Box in the 1000 block of South Westmoreland.

About an hour and a half after that, investigators say the same duo robbed the drive-thru clerk at the Burger King in a 2500 block of West Davis Avenue.

Police say the two men are armed and very dangerous and are hoping someone will recognize the older model green SUV Explorer before someone gets hurt.

"You're looking at someone possibly taking someone's life,” Vaughn said. “Again, I can't emphasize how dangerous this person is. And he needs to be removed from the streets."

Investigators say they are working on getting additional video of the suspects and will be releasing that to the public soon.

There's a $5,000 Crimestoppers reward for any information that leads to their arrest.