Dallas man and his family run 100 miles to celebrate his 100th birthday

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A Dallas man's family is celebrating his 100th birthday by running a combined 100 miles.

Orville Rogers will hit the century mark on Tuesday. His family spent Saturday covering as many miles, taking the final mile together with Rogers.

After five marathons, four kids, fourteen grandkids and eleven great-grandkids, Orville Rogers has come a long way in his 100 years.

“Oh my, it's overwhelming," he said, "I'm so grateful, God has been so good to me, especially with family members."

Rogers is a World War II veteran and former pilot. He’s also been a runner for the last 50 years.

”I would hate to be bedridden in my last years, not being able to be up and active and enjoying my family, enjoying life,” said Rogers.

The 100-year-old celebrated his birthday running with his family at White Rock Lake. The 33 family members combined a total of 100 miles to celebrate Rogers’ 100 years.

“We're just amazed. I guess we shouldn't be amazed because he lives every day the same and so why not 100? Why not 110?” said his daughter Susan Rogers Eveland.

“Grateful, gratitude, thankful, proud - it's all those things. Just amazing,” said son, Rick Rogers.

Rogers has written a book about his life and secrets to success entitled The Running Man. He was recently honored with the Russell H. Perry Free Enterprise Award.