Dallas County commissioners discuss projected budget shortfall

Dallas County commissioners did not like what they heard Tuesday about the upcoming budget.

Miscalculations of county finances, current and projected, add up to an almost $13 million shortfall.

Budget director Ryan Brown said the problem first began with what the county auditor told him was money on hand, but outside auditors said $4 million had to go for other things.

There’s also a projected $3 million dollar downturn in revenue and $5.5 million estimated miscalculation in property tax collection.

The likely shortfall means the county may have to have layoffs and institute a hiring freeze.

“Now is the time for us to really deal with this budget,” said Commissioner John Wiley Price. “If we're gonna ever deal with it, we've got to deal with it now.”

The rest of the commissioners want staff to tell them how this type miscalculation won’t happen again.

Tuesday was the first budget update as county officials start working on fiscal year 2018, which starts in October.