CES 2021: A look back at changing tech in 2020

When it comes to embracing technology, 2020 was the year of sink or swim. 

Connie Guglielmo is editor in chief of CNET. She says the past year has been huge for tech because for the first time we were forced to embrace it.

"So you were seeing the change in consumer behavior driven by reality in the world that we’re living in pushing these ideas and technology that have been there and they've been investing, but now you can see pragmatically how they work for you," she said.

Which makes looking ahead even more exciting, to things like rollable OLED.

TCL is just one manufacturer showing it off in a phone that changes size to suit your needs.

Ready for robots?

From snuggly to sanitizing, they're getting smarter and more practical thanks to artificial intelligence. They know where they are and what's around them.

"You don’t wanna robot picking up your cat or dog that is going to apply the same grip to it that it’s going to be picking up a piece of furniture," Guglielmo said.

The holy grail ahead? Power. The longer your device can last, the more valuable it is to users.

That's clearing the way for green tech, like a shower speaker powered only by the water which flows through it.

The folks at GM are looking to the sky as they look to the future with the Cadillac of air travel. Renderings show four rotors powered by a 90 kilowatt-hour electric motor with the capability of 56 miles per hour.

"That Star Trek or Star Wars vision of the future depending on which franchise to buy into this is how it becomes more possible people making these investments and taking these risks," Guglielmo said.