Catholic Diocese of Dallas celebrates Easter mass with new bishop

Catholics in Dallas celebrated the first Easter Mass with their new Bishop.

Bishop Edward Burns is only a few months on the job but he's already making a lasting impact both in the traditional and unconventional sense.

We spoke to the Bishop before his first Easter Mass in Dallas to a packed house at the Cathedral of Guadalupe Sunday morning.

"I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the great strength of faith that I see here," said Bishop Burns.

The bishop echoed Pope Francis' Easter address of peace in times of fear, war, and conflict.

"It's so sad this world of ours. So many people are filled with fear, they're so filled with fear. There is a lot of saber-rattling going on among our leaders of countries," said Bishop Burns, "You know the one message that always came through on Easter? Be not afraid."

The calming message struck a chord with some members of the congregation.

"It was really relatable," said Andrea Quinoes, "He broke it down really simple for us to understand and I think that kind of made us feel at home for some of us that don't know a lot about the religion."