Arlington Police investigating crash that killed 18-year-old

Arlington police are looking into a driver’s story after a deadly car crash.
It happened on Friday, November 10.

18-year-old Lexxy Butler was backing out of a driveway off Redstone Drive in Arlington around 6:30 when the truck slammed into the passenger's side of her Toyota Camry.

“They really didn't think she would last that night and she was just a miracle. I mean, every day she was getting a little better,” said her mother, Barbara Barr.

Butler graduated from Arlington's Martin High School in June, and never regained consciousness. Delayed swelling caught up with her and her vital signs declined. She died the following Friday.
“I have to have faith that there's a purpose, there's a reason and there's a plan for all this,” said Barr.

Arlington Police are investigating how the deadly crash happened in a driveway. Police say the Chevy Silverado truck was heading east when it hit Butler's car, pushing her Camry out of the driveway and onto grass.

The truck driver told police he had glanced down to blow into the breathalyzer installed in his truck when he crashed into her. Police say he was not impaired and have not filed charges.

Butler was an organ donor and her mother says her daughter’s legacy will save lives.

“I have faith that she's in heaven, and we'll see her again someday. She'll be our guardian angel,” she said.

Police are looking at data recorders in the car and truck.