Alleged iPhone thieves take selfies that post to owner's iCloud

A Dallas woman has a pretty good idea who may have stolen her phone in Uptown a few days ago.

It’s because whoever has the woman’s phone now didn't realize any pictures or video they'd take would end up coming right back to her.

Bianca Dabi says she was making a quick stop at the Chase Bank ATM on Lemmon and McKinney last Saturday when she was approached by a group of teens asking for donations.

“As I got out of the car, some kids were asking for some donations. I brushed them off, was in a hurry,” she recalled. “ATM then back to my car. Phone's gone. Took about 60 or 90 seconds.”

Dabi says she cut the phone as a loss. But days later, she was at the store getting a new one when new pictures and a video showed up that were automatically uploaded to her iCloud.

“When I saw those pictures, I was just shocked. And, actually, I thought it was kind of funny,” she said. “I was like no, they really didn't take a video and a picture on a stolen phone.”

So Dabi decided to post the pictures and video on Facebook, where it just blew up from there.

“I decided to post it and had no idea. The next several days the posts kept coming in,” she said. “People were recognizing them and people posting similar experiences.”

FOX 4 is blurring their faces because they could be minors. But Dabi says many have already recognized the faces seen on her Facebook post.

“Random people, friends have texted me, everyone has seen or dealt with these kids or given money to them,” she said.

Dabi has filed a report with Dallas police, who say they haven't identified the people in the photos yet. Even if they aren't caught, she says she's glad she posted their pictures on Facebook to give others a heads up.

“Hopefully, this maybe will get us a step closer to putting a stop to this,” she said.

Dabi's Facebook post has been shared and commented on by hundreds of people. She says she doesn't expect her phone back after this but is glad she was able to get the information out online.