8-year-old girl killed by hit-and-run driver in front of her Fort Worth home

An 8-year-old girl was killed by a speeding car right in front of her Fort Worth home.

Aja Hill, a first grader at Fort Worth's Atwood McDonald Elementary, was on spring break riding scooters just doors down from her home on Barron Lane around 4 o'clock Friday.

That's when Fort Worth Police say a black Dodge Charger drove into her, knocked her off her scooter and tossed her several yards.

"It hurts so bad. Oh my God. It hurts so bad," said Aja's mother Tania Jackson, "I just can't explain how I really, really feel. I just can't. All I do is cry."

Jackson, said her daughter was spunky and friendly.

She was on the Honor Roll, competed in the school spelling bee, and even sand in the church choir.
Jackson said an officer told her the car had to be going at least 60 miles per hour.

The car did not stop.

Aja was taken to Cook Children's Medical Center where she was pronounced brain dead.

Her mother made the decision to take her off life support.

"I just had to tell her I'm here, Aja, fight," said Jackson, "But I knew she couldn't fight because I looked at her body and was like, this baby is not going to make it."

Some of Aja's teachers came by the home Saturday.

They now want to get speed bumps on the street.