Kenny's "Old Stand By" Ribs

Chef Kenny Bowers from Kenny's Smoke House shares his go-to recipe for ribs.

Kenny's "Old Stand By" Rib Recipe

1 rack  pork ribs (St. Louis, baby back or country style) 
salt (kosher)
black pepper (café grind)
oil (vegetable, canola, olive or Pam spray)
favorite BBQ sauce

Get grill as hot as possible safely. Gas or charcoal, either is fine.

Score membrane from under side of ribs (bone side) with knife making big Xs. Season both sides of ribs well with salt & pepper rubbing into meat.

Brush rack of ribs on both sides with oil and carefully place ribs meat side up on the hottest part of the grill. Put grill cover on.

The idea is to create flames and smoke to char the bottom. Not completely burned but charred well (like a steak). Keep a spray bottle of water close if flames get too big.

When the bottom of ribs are charred flip and do the same thing to the meat side. When this step is completed remove ribs from grill and let cool until you can handle them. 

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

When ribs are cool to the touch, cut them between the bones into individual ribs.

Place ribs in oven proof Pirex baking dish or disposable foil pan. Cover with sauce, (approximately 1 ea. 16 oz jar per 1 rack of ribs).

Cover tightly with foil. Place in oven for approximately 1 to 1-1/2 hours until ribs are tender and are just about falling off the bone. 

Serve or refrigerate for the next day.  Heat back up on the grill over low-medium heat and baste with more BBQ sauce. Or heat back up in the oven at 350.

Note: If you reheat on the grill make sure grill is well oiled and clean to prevent sticking.

Note: My favorite ribs are St. Louis-style, but baby backs or country style may be substituted.