Hottest Yet? It's on the Way....

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Hottest readings of the summer are on the way...BUT a pattern shift will SQUASH them like a BUG by the weekend!

Heat ADVISORIES will continue through Thursday (and likely Friday). Today we will be just shy of 100, but the humidity will continue to push the heat index up to about 107. Fortunately, we'll have a decent south breeze.

Tomorrow and Friday, we will head OVER 100...likely 102 or 103 with the Heat Index approaching 110. That's getting a bit more dangerous. Please be careful.

It's all ahead of a cold front that will drop in Friday night. Storms are possible that night and into Saturday AM, some with gusty winds. There may still be a few storms left Saturday PM, but south and west of the MPLEX as highs should fall into the mid 90s that day.

By Sunday, we'll again see "below average" temps in the mid 90s. Any showers would be in our western co's only. Pretty decent for late July.

Next week is even more interesting. A pattern shift with several disturbances on the way mean at least "some" storm chances and guaranteed lower temps to start August! Highs low to mid 90s. Party on!