Hello To Summer!

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It may be SUMMER, and it may feel like summer, but it won't stay that way for long! Surprise!

It won't be as humid today, but it will still be seasonably "hot" in the low 90s as mostly sunny skies yield to some high clouds (esp. east).

Tropical Storm Cindy will move onto the Gulf coast overnight on the Louisiana-Texas border...so the impacts here in NTX will fairly low. the exceptions will be eastern counties where rain is possible tomorrow...esp. from Tyler to

Palestine where it could be heavy. In the DFW area, just extra clouds and temps a hair above 90. As the low pulls away Friday...it looks HOT and humid. Highs mid 90s with HEAT INDEX over 100 but just for ONE day!

A cold front will drop down Saturday morning. WHERE it settles is very important as we have conflicting signals. If it stalls north, we are still in the 90s. If it stalls near DFW (which is looking more likely), then increased shower and storm chances may develop as temps stay upper 80s to near 90. That's the way we are leaning right now.

The front will slowly head south with a renewed push of cooler air Sunday and Monday. Throw in more impulses to lift the air, and we will keep shower and storm chances alive those days as well!

Highs in the 80s for a few days? Weird for Texas summer!