Big Changes Every Day!

Buckle up...for another crazy week ahead! Temp flip-flops...and eventually storms.

Today is nicest! Starts cool but ends breezy and warm with mostly sunny skies. Highs low 80s.

Stronger winds continue tonight, as moisture heads north. Lows should stay above 60...and with the exception of some low clouds early Tuesday, more sun returns. That will boost temps near 90 Metro with very gusty winds. 80s east...and possibly mid-90s west behind a dry line.

A strong cold front plows through Wednesday AM. We start in the 70s but fall into the 60s with very strong winds (30mph) again. there may be shower or storm east that morning as well.

Thursday starts cool, ends mild (near 80) as SE winds return. That's the one "not windy" day. There are low chances for storms that evening as well...up north.

We get back into the warm sector Friday with strong winds....which means HUMID! Low storm chances again north and west...although most will be in Oklahoma.

The weekend looks quite iffy. Strong/severe storms again possible Saturday (timing still impossible) BUT there is agreement that Sunday will be windy and very cool! Some showers in the morning...and highs in the 60s! Crazy, eh?