Vegas gunman previously bought weapons from Garland store

The owner of a North Texas gun store says the Las Vegas gunman’s made multiple visits to his store over the years, including as recently as 2016.

Paul Peddle is the owner of B&S Guns in Garland. He says he knew Monday morning that the Las Vegas shooter that killed 59 people and injured more than 500 people had also been his customer.

Records show Paddock and his mother previously lived in Mesquite, Texas, for 14 years. Paddock was in Peddle’s store in Garland many times before buying semi-automatic handguns. In 2010, Paddock bought Sig-Sauer pistols and a collector’s Smith and Wesson.

“His last purchase from us, firearms wise, was 2011 and it was the FN 57. That’s a fabric national. It’s a very sought after pistol,” Peddle recalled. “It’s not something that you’re just gonna buy for everyday use. It’s something that you want to have for collection. High-end weapon, so it wouldn’t trigger to us shop owners that he wanted it for anything other than collection.”

Paddock and live in girlfriend, Marilou Danley, were last in the store in the summer of 2016. He says there was nothing about the visit that raised any suspicions.

“She was just very flamboyant, and she was more enamored with my dogs,” Peddle recalled. “I actually took a picture and sent her the picture to her phone because she wanted of my dogs. But more importantly, he was on my wall looking at the firearms, and you know obviously I spoke with him.”

Peddle has sold guns at B&S Guns for more than 30 years, adding it is gut-wrenching to know Paddock bought guns from his store even though they weren’t used in the mass shooting.

“We think to ourselves what could we have done,” the gun shop owner said. “And quite honestly, there was nothing that we could have done or changed because he wasn’t somebody that just walked in and said, ‘Hey, I want to buy ten of the same firearm.”

ATF agents interviewed Peddle this week as part of their investigation. Former ATF agent, now security consultant, Hector Tarango says it's a normal part of the investigation process.

"What ATF is doing right now is sending people out to gun stores in that area," he explained. "They're going to try to hit as many of those gun stores as they can with as much manpower as they can as quick as they can."

Peddle says when ATF agents went to his store, they pulled records pertaining to Paddock's purchases and interviewed his staff about his last visit. He says there was nothing he could’ve done or changed because Paddock did nothing to raise concern.

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