Plano still trying to catch dog that's bitten multiple people

A pair of stray dogs that have bitten as many as eight people in West Plano has managed to out-maneuver dog catchers for months.

The reports started last summer, and the worry is the dogs are now becoming more aggressive.

There's been another dog bite victim, and Plano Animal Services has even launched an interactive map to catch the pair.

Twelve stitches and seven days later, Lea Ann Day's calf is starting to heal after a stray dog bit her during a run in her neighborhood last Monday evening.

“He just came out between two houses and attacked me on the side,” she said.

Day fought it off and later learned the darker-colored dog that came after her looks like the stray blue heeler behind several bites since May, including one on a 12-year-old last November.

Plano Animal Services started publishing sightings of the blue heeler and a black and white dog online, trying to find a pattern to their movement.

“The way that they are acting is incredibly unusual,” said Plano Animal Services Director Jamey Cantrell. “I've been doing this over 20 years. Typically, they find a small area they feel comfortable in and stay there. These guys just go all over the place,”

Day said she spotted the blue heeler again on Monday and called Animal Services. She tried to keep an eye on it but still got away.

Animal Services says the blue heeler usually doesn't confront humans, but may be going after joggers because it’s bred to herd animals by nipping at heels. But Day warns the dog may be getting more aggressive.

“It was a pretty vicious attack,” she said. “It wasn't just a dog that wanted me to go in a different direction.”

And after her experience, Day worries about the next person who crosses its path.

“I’m really, really worried that the next victim — it might not just be part of their calf,” she said.

Animal Services isn't sure where these dogs came from. They suspect they were dropped off in Plano.

They're not sure of the sex. The dogs have been seen as far as 20 miles from sighting to sighting, and traps have not worked.

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