Grand Prairie police dog helps catch burglary suspect

Grand Prairie's police dog recently saved the day by catching a burglary suspect underneath a house.

Jesus Martinez and his grandson were playing in their front yard when he noticed something unusual across the street, so he called his neighbor.

"…I saw the guy went in this hole," he said. "I just saw the butt and the legs when he went inside."

"[Martinez] asked me, ‘Is there someone working in your house?'" said Brenda Ayala. "I said, ‘Not that I know of.' He said, ‘Someone just went inside your garage,' and I said, ‘Can you do me a favor and call the police?' And he's like, ‘Sure.'"

Grand Prairie police arrived and searched the duplex but found no intruder. Bullet's nose did.

"Once I saw him working the odor and realized somebody was in here, we weren't going to give up until we found him," said Officer Lance Montee with the Grand Prairie Police Department.

So Bullet went to the source.

"We found a hole in the floor," said Montee. "I gave my call-outs again: ‘If you're in here, surrender! I've got a dog. He's going to bite you.' After about 15 seconds, I didn't hear anything."

Then came a cry for help. Bullet bit into the suspect, Juan Garcia's, right leg and pulled.

Officers say Garcia punched bullet in the head, trying to release his grip but Bullet only dug deeper.

Finally, Garcia relented, and officers pulled him out and cuffed him.

"It looked real bad," said Martinez. "We saw his pants. There was blood everywhere."

Covered in mud and dust, Bullet was almost unrecognizable and immediately went to the vet to be treated for heat exhaustion.

"He saved the day," said Ayala. "He…at least I'm comfortable now knowing they caught the suspect."

The break-in was the second at Ayala's home, which she bought in February.

It's being remodeled, so there's not much in it, but she says she plans to install security cameras and a high fence when she's done renovating.

As of Tuesday night, Garcia, 47, is still recovering in the hospital.

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